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Safety Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog is an excellent way to spice up your travelling experience. It eradicates loneliness, gives you a sense of safety, and it makes you look like a native of the place you are exploring.

Despite these benefits, keeping your dog safe and comfortable while traveling can be a real hassle, more so if it is your first time to travel with it. If this has been your bother, don’t feel discouraged to vacate with your furry friend.
The following expert- vetted tips would help you travel with your dog safely.

1. Prepare the dog for the trip

Dogs can feel anxious and alarmed when travelling for the first time. On that account, you would want to prepare it by driving it for short trips, walking it around your neighborhood, and confining it in the pet carrier/ crate you will use while travelling. That way, you will help it get used to travelling. 

2. Use a dog ramp to get your furry friend into and out of your car

A dog ramp is a handy piece of equipment for pet parents who care about their pet’s safety while accessing elevated areas. This assistive accessory helps your ageing, small breed dog, puppy, or dog with mobility issues to get into your car effortlessly.
As such, using a dog ramp protects your animal friend from joint pain, broken bones, and other injuries that could result while the dog jumps into or out of your car. If you need a dog ramp you can find this article on

3. Secure your dog in a ventilated carrier

A ventilated dog carrier is a portable cage designed to confine your dog securely, during transit. Besides confining your dog at the back seat, the pet carrier lets you carry your dog when exploring crowded places where it may be unable to maneuver, or where it may bother some people. 
A good cage should be well- ventilated, and spacious enough to let your furry friend sit, stand, or turn around without trouble.

4. Never leave your dog in a parked car

As a rule of thumb, you should at no time leave your dog alone in a parked car. Why? During the hot weather, a parked can store heat thereby placing your loved animal friend at a risk of heat stroke. On a cold day, the temperatures in your car can drop to levels that can freeze the dog.

5. Be prepared for emergencies

Emergencies like fractures, choking, anxiety, poisoning and heatstroke can happen anytime during your trip. Therefore, you should have an emergency kit nearby, to let you administer emergency treatment services during such an unfortunate event.
Furthermore, you ought to vaccinate your dog against major infections that are prevalent in the area you intend to explore.

6. Tag your Pet

If you cannot stand to lose your furry friend during your trip, we suggest that you tag it with either a collar tag showing your address and contact information, or a microchip. The tags will help animal shelters or vet clinics to reunite you with your lost dog just in case it is found by somebody else.